Please read my story on healthy living!!


Silly question or not?

Like a lot of people I have suffered because I wasted 7 minutes!!, yes just 7 minutes could have changed my entire life!.

Please allow me to help you to change your life for the better because I know that there are lots of you out here that can relate to my story.

Please read on!
At the age of 14 years I finished school to begin work and my sisters were still at school and I thought that life was a breeze because we had a good up bringing with Mum and Dad giving us all a lovely family life.

Then everthing changed in my life overnight when my Dad went into hospital to get heat treatment for a suspected pulled muscle and that was the last we saw of him because it turned out that it was not a pulled muscle it was that he actually had suffered three heart attacks and he suffered another in hospital which took his life at the age of 42 years and as you can imagine we were all devastated and all of our lives changed for ever and our wonderful family life was broken for ever.

As the years rolled on afterwards I lost a friend at the age of 21 years to a heart attack, and another a year later he was 33 years old and even myself at the age of 52 suffered a heart attack and since then I have watched others between the age of 30 and 50 pass away with heart related illness.
I can now tell you that since my heart attack back in 2004 I keep up with exercise every week consisting of just 7 minutes per day approx three to four days per week, YES just 7 minutes keeps my weight down and keeps me alive and active.

Within limits I eat what ever I feel like remembering that all things are good in moderation so long as I include my excersise at all times even when I do not really feel like it.
I hate diets or any form of dieting because our bodies are in need of all sorts of energy and it deals with it as we live and work out to keep our muscles active and therefore burning energy naturally and our immune systems work better and can repair illness more easily.

If I knew then what I know now my life would have been smoother but I thought that exercise would take up a lot of time and be hard work but now I know I was wrong.

When I suffered my heart attack in 2004 I had four stents fitted into my heart and was prescribed eleven tablets per day which controlled my blood pressure and various other elements but I also hate tablets and I now take none of them preferring to use natural foods instead, I am now 66 years of age and I am feeling really great fit and active and looking forwards to getting marries again soon and I put it all down to just 7 minutes per day.

You do not need to be a body builder or go crazy with exercise regimes, all you need to do is follow my simple guides that you will find within my affiliate site and yes it can be a really good income as well if you fancy making a little extra cash along the way.

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