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Secrets of an old dog!!

I have been through the mill and back (so to speak) and found all of the pit falls of working online and promotions and learned the various secrets of making things working in my favour and making me successful and now all you need to do is follow my lead to know that you are on the right track to a massive income no matter what you want to promote.

I will list below here the sites to work with in order of preference although you can take your pick because all of my listings are 100% income  guaranteed and work very well indeed providing that you follow the rules.

I must state that I place the sites in order of preference starting at number 1 because this is where I strongly believe a newbie should begin and build their business step by step and set each one up in the order I display them for maximum effect and growth.

1/ Nowlifestyle is a most powerful business opportunity that will set you a class above all others with massive team that are behind you always and gives you the ability to run any business you like right from your own back office and I highly recommend it to everyone so click the banner to see more about it.

2/ Now that you have a really good business setup and running you need to get traffic to your business easily and at low and there is none better than Page Swirl which also gives you many thousands of dollars worth of free software to work with along the way as a pro member.

PageSwirl.com - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

3/ Now that you have your business up and running and your promotions in automation you need help in recruiting new people to your business but not just anyone because you need people who are genuinely interested and so you need to have an automated interview system working for you and here is  one that is tried and tested , please note that when you sign up for your free page it will make you a one time offer and I advise that you take it because it will cost you a lot more later on. (your choice)

 4/ Now you can do some real big free advertising through a massive advertising search engine with masses of classified ad categories and be an affiliate as well to maximise your income on the side, this is truly a huge network of business advertising on a truly global scale and a little tip is that I am actually a gold members affiliate and it pays really well as well.

Get Tools to success.

5/So now it comes to sending out email and a safe list to post your mail for you to many thousands of people and I have just the place to do it with the greatest of ease HERCULIST.

 What is Herculist? 
Herculist is a 100% optin safe-list. The system is very simple. Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database. Anything can be advertised as long as it is legal, and not adult material related! 
When you join Herculist you will instantly receive your personal Herculist site. This site will be needed to login to the members area so that you can submit your ad. You can also promote your site and earn commissions by sponsoring new Pro or Gold members! Many current Herculist members are earning substantial incomes from promoting their Herculist sites! 
Say goodbye to downloading thousands of e-mail addresses. Say good bye to the fear of getting booted by your ISP. Herculist is the answer to all your internet marketing needs.

Welcome to my world of contacts!!

I am here to help myself by helping others to achieve all that they can and this is a big lift for everyone reading this post who wants to promote by mail easily!!

I am now offering you the opportunity to advertise the Smart-list/Herculist.com solo ad and Mega-Mail services to your own customers and down lines!
These services generate $1000’s in revenue weekly for ourselves, and we are excited to now extend the benefits to you! We have been selling these same services for over 14 years, with Thousands of repeat customers. Offering these service to your own down lines and customers is a great way to earn income! If you are looking for a great advertising source to offer to your down lines to help increase your network and earn income at the same time, you are at the right place!

The system is simple, advertise your affiliate URL’s and they will pay you a
25% 50% commission of the total of all orders placed at your affiliate sites, OR receive 50% 100% of the solo ad submissions of the same solo ad packages purchased by your referrals, the choice is yours!

My Smart-list/Herculist.com solo ad package sales page:

Solo ad packages here range from $5.95-$199.95, with databases from 13,200 – 81,500!

My MEGA-MAIL sales page:

MEGA-MAIL packages range from $39.95-$299.95 with a database of over 81,500 CONTACT e-mail addresses!

Simple to get started either signup or send your own ads out right now by clicking on any of the links on this page and see the difference within hours!!

$5.95 Solo Ads To Over 13,200!
Order NOW and we will QUADRUPLE your order: $5.95 = FOUR submissions to 13,000+!

Sample MEGA-MAIL solo ad package text ads

81,500+ CONTACT E-mail Address Solo Ads!

All solutions in one place and simple!!

Ok what do I mean by that statement?,

Well you have seen all the site to make you money and do all of your advertising for you but now how are you going to get all of this out in an e-mail or post or ezine?.

Yes I know the task looks mega to say the least but in reality it is very simple to do because you just create a blog or web page and place all of your business on that one page and then all you ever need to promote is one page and make it look like this one  or maybe you can design a better one but just ensure that all of your links are correct before you advertise it.

If you do not have a web space or blog then I can direct you to a low cos hosting company where you can put up a simple blog like this one and trust me the blog is simple and already in the hosting software for you and it takes literally five minutes to install .

And guess what?, Yes you guessed it I get paid again and so will you because this is Nigel at affiliate world and my world is all about you getting paid along with me, and if you have any trouble installing your blog then please feel free to contact me and I will help you to get started with it free of charge.

Click on the picture below to get your account setup!!.

I need YOU!!!

I became part of the biggest business online and off that I have ever known with deepest scepticism  and tongue in cheek but decided to give it a chance just to see what happened!!.

I must also mention that I am completely blind after suffering macular degeneration in a real big way and so if I could make this work means that anyone can!!.

Ok so just a few short months in and I can tell you that I now earn some wonderful commissions  with a team behind me that is second to none.

I am now a team leader and learning others to build their own business and I want another person to place into my team but it is on a first come first served basis because I do not move away from teaching until my new member is earning an income I can currently take on three new people at the moment so if you want to make real money from a real business then maybe you can be one of my people and all you need to do is fill out my form below and make sure that you follow the instructions that you will see on the next page that you are taken to and then I will contact you with more information on how to proceed.

Make sure that you use an e-mail address that will accept my mail and ensure that you check your junk mail folder because you do not want to lose my mail or you will lose your turn in my schooling arena.