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A philosophic word

A philosophic word for you to think about!!
As many of you will know I am completely blind and many say to me that they are sorry that this happened to me and wonder how I cope with life.

Well here is the thing about it all, I am over 110% ecstatically happy with me and my life because I really do not care what life throws at me I will deal with it no matter what because there is no other way than to meet it all head on!!!.
Every day I run into people who moan about what they do not have and yet they are alive and kicking and can see the birds and the bees along with the changing of the seasons, the colour of the trees and flowers yet they seem to see nothing at all.
I see through my minds eye and wonder what the hell is wrong with people? They have the wondrous gift of life and each and everyone is gifted with talent in some way or other.
Did you know that the gift of laughter is infectious and if you laugh then others will laugh with you, if you laugh and be happy then others will want to be around you more often, it is not too difficult to work out that everyone has and gains mental baggage from living through life and do not want to hear others constantly off loading their baggage because they have sufficient of their own to deal with and that is a fact of life.
I feel that lots of people need to get a grip and deal with it because life is all we really have and that is factual so make dealing with it a joy to behold when realising that as a human being you are gifted and talented if you would only give yourself chance to find that is within yourself.
I may have lost the gift of physical eyesight but I now see more than most people and I can breathe, walk, talk, interact with others verbally and with the written word and many other means of doing anything I want to do so why would I complain?, many tell me that the loss of eyesight is a big disability but my answer to that is that there are millions of people on this planet that have far greater disabilities than me, some are bed ridden or in wheel chairs and many more forms of disability so once again who am I to complain?.
I guess what I am explaining or trying to say is if you are feeling low and fed up with your life then please look inside yourself and ask yourself how yu are going to deal with it and look at the wondrous gift of life that you have and decide to do something with it while you can because life is but a very short trip and you must make the most of it while you can.
Remember this: the gift of life is precious, as a being you are very special, intricate, intellectual, precious and unique so decide to be happy and see how life unfolds in a better light all around you in very special ways like you have never known before except maybe when you were a very young child playing with your friends without a care in the world and you will realise that you are not really that much different now because all that has happened is that you collected lots of daily baggage from lifes toil so get a grip and dump the baggage into a black hole within your sole and forget about it because wnon of us can alter the past but we can drive all of our tomorrows.

I hope this will help at least one lost soul to realise that life is short enough as it is and go on to face all of their tomorrow’s with a smile on their face and a song in their heart safe in the knowledge that happiness is within themselves!!