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Nigel J Pearcey

Taking up the challenge to find an income online was daunting to say the least considering I made the decision to do this after I lost my eyesight in 2013.

A lot of my friends say that I am amazing but quite honestly there are many thousands of people who lose their eyesight for one reason or another but I guess there are far less who are like me and lose eyesight over night, And I do mean that literally because my eyesight was ok when I went to bed but was all gone by the time I got up in the morning.

Obviously I was devastated when this happened and it hit me that I could no longer go to work or drive my car or read books or watch tv and lots of other things I could no longer do and this took me a while to come to terms with.

Then as time evolved I cranked up my inner will power and began working out how the heck I was going to pull myself out of this mess and I started by writing a book and this came about because I had to learn myself how to touch type as a blind person and for those of you that know the beginning of practice is to type “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and that sentence covers every letter in the English alphabet, I practiced this daily slowly getting faster as I did so, but this became boring and I began adding more words and the sentence became a paragraph which then became a page  and so on.

The bottom line is that I am still writing that book because I find more to add to it as time goes by and hopefully one day I may consider it finished and will publish it.

In the mean time I also began looking into business opportunities online and like many people I ran into a lot of scams until I learned my lessons the hard way and began doing my due diligence by looking into company history and credibility and this led me into finding my first proper online income stream.

I have now progressed and have several websites of my own that I use as funnels for advertising and promotion dependant upon which income stream I am high lighting and all are connected in various ways.

This website is to help others as well as display the opportunities that are practical and working for me with reasonable simplicity, this is to say that if you see an opportunity on my opportunities page then you can be assured that it is tried and tested by me.

Whilst I cannot guarantee your success in making money from my opportunity page I can tell you that I do and I am working with them even though I am blind so in a nut shell if I can make them pay me than you should be able to do the same providing that you give them a fair trial and read and understand all the detail of each opportunity.

I explain this in more detail on the opportunity page on this website, and I also tell you a little about each opportunity and the pit falls that you can run into while working online.