About us

Hello and thank you for discovering www.nigelpearcey.com which is actually the home of njpbusiness.com owned and operated by NJP Business Ltd.

The abbreviated ( NJP) stands for Nigel John Pearcey hence the name of our business NJP Business widely known for advertising and promotions around the world in over 60 countries building traffic and notoriety for being honest in it’s appraisals of affiliate business especially now that we have an ever growing percentage of people turning to online work since the start of the 2019 pandemic which made everyone aware that online is the safest place to work and keep a good social distance.

This particular business actually began when the CEO Nigel started joining affiliate programs many years ago, in fact it was around 1995 and a lot of scams were being sent out from places like Florida and Canada which were the fore runners of so called get rich schemes and sadly cost many thousands of people many thousands of dollars that they could ill afford to lose but the dream was set and people flocked to those scams believing they were going to make a fortune overnight but this never happened and many of the sites were at best closed down and at worst were taken to task in courts of law and in some cases ended with the owners going to jail.

Happily, Nigel dropped many of those such programs as soon as he found what they were doing and narrowed his sight onto business plans that are legal, ethical and completely viable in every sense of the words which is how NJP Business came into fruition and only survives because of the many proper and legal business owners around the world providing correct affiliate programs attached to actual goods, products and services for which they are willing to pay good commissions for sales.

Sadly there are still many millions of website scams trying to grab your hard earned income and many of you still try to work with them but if you run into a new venture you should ask yourself what are they selling?, is there a proper end tangible product?, If not then stay away from it and at the very least do not pay any money into it NOT EVER.

You will see many times programs will portray things like “you can make $1000. Per month if you pay in just $10. Per month, this is called a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme which is completely illegal and was first created by someone called Charles Ponzi long before the invention of the Internet, If you type his name into Google you will see what he did to make his millions.

So now you know a little about us and what we do and in the main we promote and advertise proper, legal, ethical and viable business plans that have affiliate programs attached to them so that you can earn a very good income online from home.

You should also be aware that we are paid a commission for any link that you click on within our websites but that is the name of the game and we make our money from selling products and services but we also ensure that if you click any of our links or promotions you can be assured that it is legal and ethical or it would not be in our websites in any shape or form.

The bottom line is that you can do exactly the same as us by following our links to begin promoting business’s from within our websites and if you are committed to being honest and hard working you can create a really good income from home.

More over if you want to start and do not know where is the best business to begin and learn with then we are happy to help you and all you need to do is use our contact form on this website which you will find in the main navigation and you can ask Nigel or one of our staff to guide you in the right direction, please ensure to include your basic knowledge of advertising online and your level of experience and we will get back to you within 24 hours usually.