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This website is an advertising website as wand leading blog portal for ENTRO Ltd; The actual website address is Where advertisers and publishers, can create free accounts to make money and advertise.

Before you jump to conclusions, we do know how to spell “entrepreneur” and our business name is created from what we offer you, hence we created an acronym for the lead into our web address so instead of entrepreneur we replaced it with entropreneur.

The acronym is as follows: Electronically-Narrating-Traffic-Reciprocating-Outbound, so you see our name ENTRO is simply an acronym for our business model.

So what does all of that mean?

Well quite,simply put we advertise over a large area of the world by using publishers, so, for instance, you can set up a free advertising account with us and then elect to pay for advertising in any format that is available and your advertisement will appear on our publisher’s websites all over the world.

In short, you place your ads, choose when and where your ads are shown, then all traffic stats show up in your account; the stats are accurate and immediate.

Build a high income

If you own pages or websites online, you can build extra income for yourself by simply including some codes from our platform whi will show advertising from our advertising clients in any format of your choice text or banners like the following examples:

Or like this:

Or like this:

Or like this:

As you can see above, the different shapes, sizes and styles of ads in our repetitious demonstration, but we have lots more that are not shown here as it would take many pages to show them all but we are sure you get the picture that we have a massive inventory of formats for you to use and much depends upon the preferences of our publishers who choose different shapes, sizes and colours to fit in with their page or website theme.

ENTRO endeavours to make platforms user-friendly for our publishers and advertisers.

And we also stipulate that our publisher’s site does not display or advocate nudity, race hate, pornography, or anything that may infringe the rights of others or that others may find offensive and this includes the websites of our advertisers.

If all of this is of interest to you as a publisher or advertiser and you want to know more then please go directly to our main portal at:

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