Freedom with NJP

As the owner of my own business and author of this website I have total control of all and I am responsible for the content and how it all appears to everyone.

That is the crucial word for many people “RESPONSIBILITY” a word that fills the souls of many people with dread and fear which prevents many from creating their own destiny, and for some they just ignore the word and carry on regardless but in both cases they are wrong.

1/ It is wrong to fear taking control of your own destiny and all you need to know is always be dedicated 100% to what yu want to do and always be open and honest with yourself and others.

2/ It is also wrong to disregard responsibility because you have a responsibility to your readers, your clients your partners and most important is yourself, so as in figure 1/ you must always be honest and never miss leading otherwise your name will b mud very fast because bad news travels faster than any other news found on the Internet and will be remembered for ever.


I have a good reputation online for honesty and these days it is easy for me because in reality I do not now need the income because I have all that I need to have a good life style so the one big difference for me is that I love what I do and it keeps me busy in my retirement.

I have no axe to grind and I love promotional work and not just because it pays me, In fact more over I still get a great buzz out signing up a new affiliate and watch them go on to succeed after taking some time to review and test out the product or service they are reselling.

That is one of the points I always tell everyone, Get to know what you are selling and be confident in it’s ability to do exactly what it says on the advertising and realise it is a genuine product or service and be able to answer any questions about it and that is very important.

I mostly promote for just one company these days as I do not need to create myself more work and that one company is very reliable , it is a reliability that has grown over the past 25 years that I have promoted for them and they provide masses of tools and resources along with a great hosting company and conference rooms for small and large conferences backed up by a 24/7 live support systems with highly trained technicians and office staff that are always there if needed.

You can find all of those elements throughout my website and have confidence in all of them and to add to this I am happy for you to fire any questions to me using my contact form that you can locate by going to contact in my main navigation on this site.

So there you have it YOU can obtain real freedom with a real income using the programs, tools and resources that I promote within this website and what is more YOU become part of my huge team when you signup for anything in this website and like me you will learn to get real freedom into your life with me.

I know you will enjoy working with the company I promote and it most certainly will change your life in a good way for ever and I hope to be in touch with you when you get on board .

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