Opportunity for income

What is an opportunity? Well I suppose it could be defined in many different ways dependant upon what you are looking for or what is being offered to you, and often this is down to choices that you make both in business and your ay to-day life.

The opportunity that I offer you here in my pages is a way to gain time and income freedom but the choices that you make will decide if you are going to make an opportunity a successful venture or not because at this point I want you to consider what you want and what comments you can deliver towards creating a success platform and I say this because I already know what I offer you pays very well indeed and has created me a residual income that will continue practically for ever and indeed long after I am dead and gone which means I can will it on to my family.

Are you ready to commit at least ten hours a week to your new venture? And are you ready to initially commit some funding towards your business because after all if you started a business off-line you would need capital for stock, building and general running cost but in the model that I offer you will require tiny amounts compared with an offline business but non the less it will need some running capital to get the ball rolling.

If you are ok with and fully understand the previous paragraph and are fully committed to building a business and income online then you are ready to move forwards with the plans I layout below here for you and this comes in many different sections all of which are important but remember to move on one section at a time ensuring that you are fully conversant with each program and have it fully setup and running before you move onto doing anything else.

For instance, what I mean by this is that the first program will need about three months to become fully conversant with all that it offers after all how can you sell through your business if you do not know what you offer and what it can make.

Before you begin let us make sure you have social connections which are free to join but critical to have in place because you want to spread the news about your new business on social networks so below are some of my social links that you can sign-up from or if you already have it then you can skip this section:

1/ FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/nigelpearcey

2/ Google plus – https://plus.google.com/108861361282941209201

3/ Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/nigelpearcey

4/ Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/nigelpearcey

Ok the social links are the main four that I use daily and I have others that I use occasionally but this is enough to get you started and you will realise their importance later in your progress.

So we have established your needs for social networks, I cannot emphasise how important it is to concentrate on your goals from here on in, YOU MUST dedicate and divide time for your business and stick to it rigidly, there is no point being half-hearted in what you want to do in life and this means you need money to do it, I have to tell you I hate money because it is the route of all evil but it is needed in this life to get what you want so make sure to concentrate on each step that you take to make sure that your trail is monetized which means for instance if you setup an auto response for your business that you make sure that you understand it and all follow-up e-mails have the corrects links to your business and even send them to yourself first and make sure it looks correct without errors.

Ok so now to number one opportunity and NO I do not want to sign you up to the business right away and this is for a couple of reasons, number one I want to prove what a response system should look like and number two I want to give you more information about the business and be sure this is exactly what you want to do so this step is simple because all you need to do is click on the video below and it will ask you for an e-mail address so that I can send you full information on my business and allow you to fully understand what I offer you for now and your future so please go click on the video below and stand by after entering your e-mail in the space provided to get all the information.

You were unfortunately taught the ‘old school’ way to make money that will make you a slave and keep you broke until you die.

Source: If you are struggling financially right now then watch this video!

Building the business onwards!

Ok if you followed step one the business opportunity above then we can move you upwards and onwards with motivational and promotional tools that will accelerate everything that you do from now onwards.

The first set of tools I have for you here are produced by an Entrepeneur call