Our platform formats are designed to reward our members and affiliate members, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser. We work in tandem with both because, after all, we would be nothing without good publishers. Likewise, we need advertisers to pay for the system platform to operate.


We require good publishers with websites or pages that you can edit and add our advertising code to your pages, and we pay you for that privilege as thus:

Advertisers pay our publishers 60% of all monies paid to us for placing ads on our platforms.

We also pay our publishers to refer other publishers, and we pay them 10% of all monies earned by their referred publishers, meaning that a publisher can build quite a significant income over time from their placements and referrals into our systems.


We rely on our advertisers to pay for advertising across our platform to enable us to deliver reasonable rates to our publishers to utilise their web space to display your advertising.

We aim to place advertising places in as many parts of the world as possible, allowing you to define your ads criteria in many ways. You can choose countries, regions and even times of the day when you want your advertising to be displayed, Or you can select all the world and times, including days of the week.

Your ad placement can be in up to 21 different formats, from simple banners, text ads, full-page ads or Google-style ads. The choices are endless, and our publishers get to choose the preferred colours for their web space.

To help you with your advertising costs, we pay you to refer other advertisers, and we pay you a handsome 10% of all money paid in by your referred user. If you refer sufficient advertisers, you could find that your advertising becomes free.

There is no limit to the number of referrals from advertisers and publishers.

Payment gateways?

We only use PayPal for our pay and get paid methods since this allows you to use major credit and debit cards securely and safely for all transactions.

We may, in the future, look into other options, but our primary goal is to keep the security and integrity uppermost for our members using the fastest and most secure ways to pay and get paid, which right now is PayPal.

Your site administrator:

John Entrosior.

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