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We are in the process of creating an affiliate advertising portal for advertising anything that requires a website or online page.
Currently, we need publishers for our site testing, all publishers will be paid the full going rate which is 60% of all monies paid in by advertisers.
Anyone can be a publisher just so long as you have an online page or website that you can edit and add ready-made code to your pages.
Here is how it works:

  1. create a FREE publishing account.
  2. Confirm your account by email.
  3. log into your account and create a publishing place with the domain of your website or page.
  4. When your domain is confirmed by the admin you then choose the zone you want to use.
  5. Now choose the code for that zone to copy and paste into your pages.
  6. You are done, now look out for your stats in your account which can also be emailed to you daily if you wish.

We pay only via PayPal so make sure that your payment section is filled in and ready to receive your money.

Please be aware that you are solely responsible for paying tax etc on your earning if applicable.


ENTRO Ltd manager

John Entrosiour



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