“The joke was on me”

“I thought life would be a wonderful breeze and nothing could ever happen to me”

This is for those people who feel that they cannot cope with life and always feeling that the world is against you.

My favourite line to quote is : “GET A GRIP”

I am not being cynical or harsh with this comment but you have to realise that life is what it is and you have to make the most of what you get in life so here is a scenario for you , If I placed a couple of eggs, a bag of flour and a jug of cold water on a table in front of you and said that is your lunch what would you do with it?.

Many people would not have a clue on what to do next and many would feel they have been given nothing to eat and blame the world for putting them in that position and even have their head hung down feeling depressed instead of becoming creative and positive enabling themselves to do anything they want in life.

So, what would I do?

For a start I would tell you to get a grip and then I would demonstrate how to make you an amazing Yorkshire pudding that is to die for and that is the truth, just one tiny example of getting a grip on yourself with a total can do attitude remembering you are unique and can be the best there is always, you just have to want to do it.

In general people will tell you I make light of life and always joking and doing things I should not be able to do and the more that people tell me it cannot be done then the more determined I am that it cant and the word cannot is not in my vocabulary.

On the other side the people that are very close to my heart know I live life with a very heavy load on my shoulders that is created by a lifetime of events that occurred and some of it was self-inflicted and some just happened beyond my control but in all cases I told myself to get a grip and find a way forwards.

Here are a few examples:

I was born on the 30th August and you may now think what is significant about that? Well let me tell you this date put me one whole year ahead in starting school which screwed me over right from the start of my life because all the children I started school were a year older than me so from the beginning I was playing catchup, If I had been born one day later I would have another year of play before I started school and the children I went to school with would not have had that one full year advantage over me.

So as my schooling progressed and began heading towards what was then the eleven plus exam I realised I would be up against another group of children in Grammar school that also had a year advantage over me and also I knew my parents could not afford to be buying Grammar school uniform I decided to plan to fail the exam and I succeeded in style.

So you see right from the beginning I was the joker in the pack.

Yes I could easily be depressed or feel the world owes me a living but that is just allowing defeatism into my world that will never happen.

My world as I know it has been fraught with the many problems that we all face at one time or another, I thought my world had collapsed when my father died in my early teens but I worked through it.

Again, this happened when I lost a daughter because we should never live to see our children die but I worked through it.

Then after many more credulous happenings along the way over many years I reached 2014 when I lost my entire eyesight literally overnight and it was devastating losing the ability to drive my car, watch tv, go fishing, or doing anything that I normally did with ease, But I worked my way through it and YES I said to myself “GET A GRIP” So here I was in 2014 having already suffered one massive heart attack and a stroke and now completely blind it was time to reinvent myself so I learned to write websites by sound and many other things by sound and memory and planned to succeed again .

I got out and about, I met a wonderful lady who later became my wife and moved 140 miles south to where we live now.

I suffered another heart attack but still came out laughing and joking about it because life is for living so always remember tomorrow is always a better day and you will never prove me wrong because when I awake each and every morning and stretch out my arms and cannot feel wood with my elbows I know I have another day with my lovely wife and a wonderful family around me, and I get to continue as the joker so it is fitting that I close this article with a memory from my past below: